Making the Most of Missed Focus

I found a great cap for my son for only $2, but it was only going to fit for another week or so. If I wanted to get any photos of him in it, I had to act fast! I set up a little space around our fireplace with few distractions, and with my left hand supporting him, snapped away with my right.

As I glanced through the shots on Lightroom, this one jumped out at me right away.


The expression was great, background looked good, he’d looked at the camera. I started trying out presets excitedly. It wasn’t until I zoomed in to use the brush tool on his eyes that I realized they weren’t remotely in focus.



I decided to try and find some settings that could still make the most of the picture. After tweaking a few sliders, I came up with this:



Somehow in this cool, film-like setting, the bad focus doesn’t stick out so much. This is never going to be printed bigger than 4×6, but at least the $2 cap is recorded for posterity!